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The Life

Thrive ICT

Thrive ICT is a non-profit organization located in  Wichita, Kansas that connects trauma survivors to services and resources so that they may transcend their past and build a thriving life.

Thrive ICT operates as a collective because no one individual or group can fully serve the individual needs of the thousands of trauma survivors in our country. Rather than try to be all things to all people, Thrive ICT partners with other providers to create a collective of services that survivors can choose from to serve their individual needs for trauma management, life management, and community support.


This blog is a chronicle of living with the effects of a lifetime of abuse and the subsequent diagnosis of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Thrive ICT is hosting this blog as part of its mission to provide trauma survivors with resources and services to manage trauma symptoms over their lifetime. Writing is one of those tools.

The Does

Jane Doe is an author, writer, survivor of abuse, and an activist who has chosen to remain anonymous because her identity isn’t relevant, her story is. Adopting an “any woman” moniker is a determined attempt to free her story from its details and focus on the issues which are larger than herself.

Jacqueline Doe is an activist who has made it her self-ascribed purpose to be a voice for the voiceless. Sometimes that comes in the form of writing about her experiences to remove the stigma of being vulnerable, and sometimes that comes in writing about others’ experiences who are currently unable to share their light with the world.

Kurt Doe is a writer and editor residing in River City. A survivor of abuse and spinner of tales of finding life after the deepest darkness.

Jo Doe is a writer who is determined to share her story with the hope of helping others.


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